Help support exercise medicine research at Sick Kids Hospital

Scientific evidence has linked physical activity and nutrition to a wide array of physical and mental health benefits. Unfortunately, despite this evidence, millions of people in the Canada and the World remain essentially sedentary. The problem of sedentary behaviour and its negative impact on health is also a challenge for children with chronic diseases that cause exercise intolerance. The inability to exercise then compounds the impact of the disease itself and can worsen outcomes before during and after the disease runs its course.

The benefit of our research is that new interventions are being created that focus on using physical activity and exercise to improve health in children with chronic diseases. We aim to develop the concept of exercise as medicine and implement this throughout the health care system and the world to first save, then improve lives.

 Your donations and support help us to

  1. hire and train researchers and other professionals,
  2. cover research operating costs (i.e. MRI time, exercise testing),
  3. and to purchase new research equipment.

 To support the Exercise Medicine please visit the Sick Kids Foundation Exercise Medicine website.