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Dr. Wells has been active in the media having been quoted in newspapers, magazines as well as appearing on ABC News, ABC's 20/20, the Discovery Channel, CBC and CTV. He was the sport science and sport medicine analyst for the Canadian Olympic Broadcast Consortium for the 2010 and 2012 Olympic Games.

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Here are links to some recent media appearances:

2014 Aug 18 App puts fitness fans through short sharp workouts. Reuters.

2014 July 31 Want to work out more? Fight decision fatigue. The Globe and Mail.

2014 July 11 4 Ways to fight sitting disease at work. CTV News.

2014 July 15 How to stay cool this summer. Canadian Living.

2014 July 13. Sitting on the job: Its worse for you than you think. CTV Canada AM.

2014 July 4. How to amp up your run with sandy terrain. The Globe and Mail.

2014 April 12 Why getting fit gets easier on a good night’s sleep. The Globe and Mail.

2014 April 7 Body of evidence sheds light on Jose Reyes and injury risks. The Toronto Star.

2014 Feb 20 Research mounts to show ‘sitting is the new smoking’. The Toronto Star.

2014 Feb 17 Don't Olympic curlers ever blink? The Toronto Star.

2014 Feb 14 Which Winter Olympics sport has the fittest athletes? The Toronto Star.

2014 Jan 13 The one thing you should do more of to reach your goals: Dream. The Globe and Mail.

2013 Nov 29 Fifth annual mental health symposium provides Stop the Stigma team students’ knowledge to raise awareness, support their peers. www.insidetoronto.com.

2013 Nov 16   Can Steve Stamkos recover in time for the Olympics? TSN That's Hockey / Global News.

2013 Aug 6     Baseball’s indelible stain. The Globe and Mail.

2013 Jun 5      Experts warn of long-term risks of PEDs amid baseball controversy. Global News Online.

2013 Feb 18    The importance of sleep in better health. CTV Canada AM.

2013 Jan 23    Physiologist Greg Wells talks about surviving in Antarctica and the effects of extreme cold on the body. CTV News Channel.

2013 Jan 14    Rays minor leaguer David Wendt suspended 50 games. NBC Sports.

2013 Jan 23    Running in frosty winter weather can cramp your style. Metro News & metronews.ca.

2012 Nov 23    Professor Greg Wells discusses Sidney Crosby’s return-to-play process. The Fan 590 Radio: The Fan 590, The Jeff Blair Show w/ Sammut.

2012 Nov 6      How can a grueling political campaign impact a politician’s health? CTV News Toronto - Lifeline.

2011 Jul 23     Life-saving sweat. CBC The National.

2010 Feb 17    Vancouver Olympics: Men’s Figure Skating Competition Heats Up. ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Television interview and online article.