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You and a growing number of Canadians have recognized that it is possible to live an extraordinary life.

I believe that everyone can lead a better life.  We can all have better health, energy and fitness by making small – painless – changes in our lives everyday.  Health is a life project.  It’s a way of living each day.  It’s about treating yourself with respect and believing that you will be as extraordinary as you chose to be.  Sound hard?  It’s not!  Start with what I call the “aggregate of one percent gains”.  A series of small choices and changes in your life that over the long term generate incredible results.  Imagine, that if everyone reduced - by just one teaspoon - the amount of sugar they consumed everyday the world’s obesity problem could be solved.  Seriously!  That’s how powerful small changes can be over the long.  Joining the Be Better community was one of those small choices!

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To acknowledge your first Be Better step, please enjoy the attached chapter from my book Superbodies (download here).  It’s all about the immune system and has takeaway information on how to keep your immune system healthy.  The password to open the document is "BeBetter".

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Remember:  If it can be done, you can do it!  Anything is possible.


Dr. Greg Wells