Here's what people are saying about Greg Wells

“What a fantastic opening speaker!  You have such a gift of weaving the personal with your professional knowledge, of combining heart and humour, and of linking the physical and the mental.” - N. Sanders Conference Chair, OPSOA

“… please accept our sincerest thanks for your presentation this week on ‘Living a World Class Life’…  I know we all could have benefited from a full day of your knowledge, strategies and stories!  Your presentation no doubt has many people thinking about how they can be one percent better…” - J. Boyes Conference Manager, OURA

"I really enjoyed your talk, and am so interested in learning more. I am a sports enthusiast as well (basketball is my sport) and so I was quite taken with the commonalities between sports and everyday work life. I really love learning about how our bodies work scientifically, and how we can pull the best out of ourselves. I have already implemented many of the suggestions you made both ‘on the court' and in my business life as well." - Scotiabank Convention Centre

“I wanted to thank you again for joining us in Scottsdale.  You did such an amazing job…everyone loved your session!  I had a ton of great feedback afterwards and throughout the past few days.” - S. Cuthbert

“I really enjoyed your seminar…  I found many things that I can start incorporating into my life immediately. Thanks again for the enjoyable and thought provoking morning.” - T. Hand

 “Dr. Greg Wells (is) the soul of brevity.  In 90 seconds he cogently analyzed the technical changes Canadian swimmer Brent Hayden made between the semis and the finals to win a silver.” - The Globe & Mail Sunday, August 5, 2012

Keynote Presentations

The Corporate Olympian

In high performance business situations, the human mind and body have to work together for ultimate results. Dr. Greg Wells, a scientist who specializes in extreme human physiology, draws the parallels between elite athletes and top executives to help business leaders perform at the highest level, even when under the most extreme circumstances. In this presentation Dr. Greg Wells shows the audience how the science behind world-class athletes can improve the performance and health of people in the business world. Olympic athletes train and compete at the highest levels on a consistent basis over many years. They face the pressures and stresses of setbacks, change, travel, competition, and performance on demand, and still find a way to excel. These are the same challenges that are faced by business people, and the tools and techniques that Olympians use can be applied by anyone at any time to ensure success.

Living a World Class Life

In this high-content and inspiring keynote presentation by Dr. Greg Wells, participants will learn the strategies that elite performers use to lead a world class life. Drawing on his experiences at the Olympic Games and from his own adventures cycling 8000km across Africa, running marathons 600km north of the Arctic circle, and recovering from a broken neck and neurosurgery, Dr. Wells highlights the best-practices that everyone can use to achieve their dreams.

Eat. Move. Sleep.

The world is in a health crisis. Consider these facts. We are in a global “sleeplessness epidemic” that affects close to 20% of the population. More than 30% of the population of the United States are obese and the rates of obesity are lower but increasing in other countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, India and China. Non-communicable diseases (diseases that are not infectious) such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease are now the leading cause of death in all parts of the world except Africa. The world health crisis is being caused by three main factors: poor sleep, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition. The answer to the world’s health challenge is therefore incredibly simple. We need to Eat Better, Move Better and Sleep Better. In this keynote presentation Dr. Wells shows audiences how they can improve their health, fitness and performance using simple techniques that can make incredible differences in their lives.

Eat, Sleep Move at TEDxUofT

My presentation on how to eat better, sleep better, and move better.

Dream Setting at TEDx

My presentation on the keys to success at the Olympics and the concept of Dream Setting.

Be Better in Business

An excerpt from my Be Better presentation on the 8 steps to staying healthy and performing at a high level in the workplace.