TBBPodcast #6: Sleep Expert Dr. Charles Samuels

This week's podcast features Dr. Charles Samuels from the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance. I'm writing my new book right now and as I'm investigating the factors that are most important to us to be healthy and to perform better I'm learning more and more about how critical sleep is.

Our busy work schedules and home responsibilities leave us with less time to get proper rest. We sleep 20% less than we used to. 70 million Americans have a diagnosed sleep disorder – and that’s just the people that actually went to the doctor to get diagnosed. In Canada, one in seven people – or 3.5 million - suffer from insomnia. That’s bad. 

So we need understand sleep and to learn how to sleep better. That's why I asked Dr. Samuels (bio) to join us on the show today.

Here's the podcast recording:

Here are some of the links that we discussed on the show today:

The Centre for Sleep and Human Performance

The National Sleep Foundation

Here's a cool app you can use to track your sleep:

Sleep Cycle

And as always you can post your questions below or send me a comment on twitter @drgregwells. Thanks for listening!

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Produced by Mike Thompson.

Posted on September 26, 2014 .