Greg's Globe and Mail Column: The Power of Focus

It’s Fall and that means one of my favourite time periods in the sporting year is underway: the baseball playoffs. There are very few moments in sport that completely capture my attention like the precision and excellence on display when an elite pitcher and clutch hitter square off with a game on the line.

The one thing you should do more of to reach your goals: Dream

January is named after the Roman god Janus, the god of the doorway. Seriously! January was – and is – seen as the door to the year ahead.

When you walk through the door it often feels like a time to set new goals. Yet, statistics indicate that our success rate with New Year’s resolutions is dismally low.

Here’s the thing: We can do better.

Our busy work schedules and home responsibilities leave us with less time to get proper rest. One of the most important aspects of rest is our sleep. Often people have trouble getting the recommended 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep that we need to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing. And poor quality sleep has consequences beyond just feeling tired. According to a research study by National Sleep Foundation, around 12 percent people are late for work due to sleepiness, 29 percent fall asleep while working and 26 percent of people feel drowsy when they drive back from work. It is an alarming situation as we carry countless risks due to improper/ lack of sleep. Research has also shown that poor sleep quality or too few hours sleep may increase inflammation -- a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta suggest people with chronic sleep lacks may have higher levels of inflammation, and they found those sleeping 6 or fewer hours a night had higher levels of three inflammatory markers including C-reactive protein – a physiological marker associated with a number of diseases.